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A Union-Fueled Automation Conundrum: The Restaurant Industry’s Chess Vs. Checkers

“Unions are playing checkers, while companies are playing chess.” Kerr further explains that “automation has already been operationally deployed that can replace line workers” at McDonald’s, Burger King, Jack-in-the-Box, and Carl’s Jr in California. 

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California’s $20 Fast-Food Minimum Wage Isn’t Enough For Unions: The SEIU’s Next Attempted Magic Trick

However, the fast food council council will still be able to set wages for this industry, and four of the council seats are likely to be controlled by – get this – the California Fast Food Workers Union, which was announced late last week as a new invention of the SEIU.

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Tipping The Balance On Tipping Culture: A Contradictory Perspective From Unions

The tipping of servers is so customary that the practice is here to stay, although some restaurants have attempted to reverse the trend without much success. We will, however, discuss why unions are eager to spread tipping elsewhere.

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Will Starbucks’ Soul Searching Lead To The Decaffeination Of Workers United?

Starbucks’ drink menu can be tweaked into an infinite variety of different drink possibilities. In the same way, there is no shortage of benefits from listening to workers’ concerns before they blend into a labor disaster.

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