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A Drier St. Patrick’s Day Ahead? An Update On Multiple Beer Strikes In The Forecast

We already warmed up the discussion for this brewing kerfuffle, which could toss a wrench in St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Earlier this month, the union doubled strike benefits for brewery workers to $1000 per week, and here is how the union is using that boost

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A Union-Fueled Automation Conundrum: The Restaurant Industry’s Chess Vs. Checkers

“Unions are playing checkers, while companies are playing chess.” Kerr further explains that “automation has already been operationally deployed that can replace line workers” at McDonald’s, Burger King, Jack-in-the-Box, and Carl’s Jr in California. 

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An Automotive Tune-Up: The UAW’s Current State Of Organizing

Much has been made of the United Auto Workers’ dwindling membership numbers, and rightfully so. No matter how one paints the picture, a zenith of 1.5 million members compared to the current 380,000 is a substantial and frankly embarrassing fall.

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Travels Into Labor Unrest: Strike Fever Spreads To The Airline Industry

Last year’s United Auto Workers “stand-up strike” affected auto manufacturers and caused collateral damage in other industries, propelling unions in other spaces, such as airlines, into strike mode.

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