Greetings, LRI Community,

I’m Michael VanDervort, and it’s been an exhilarating six months since I started working at LRI. A large part of my role revolves around curating top-tier, timely, and pertinent content for our LRI Ink blog and weekly Ink newsletter, catering to our esteemed clients and the broader business sphere.

Our team is relentlessly pursuing quality content and features the astute Phil Wilson, the sharp Nancy Jowske, the articulate Kimberly Ricci, and yours truly. We’re diving headfirst into pivotal subjects – from labor relations, workforce dynamics, and leadership models to labor unions, union organizing, and the transformative wave of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace.

Long-time followers might recall our content cadence of the last couple of years. The LRI Ink blog delivered a weekly piece bolstered by a newsletter that spotlighted this content and provided a roundup of the week’s paramount labor relations links. Our monthly editions were a treasure trove, especially with Phil Wilson’s deep dives into Labor Relations and the pivotal Union Bailout narratives, shedding light on government policy shifts and their ramifications for employers.

But, in the spirit of adaptability and progress, we’ve recalibrated our content strategy. From June onwards, we’ve amped up our content frequency, promising 3-5 fresh pieces on the LRI Ink blog and the INK newsletter weekly. And while we continue to bring you the industry’s burning topics, we’ve refined our list to ensure you’re only getting the absolute best of labor relations updates.

But there’s more. We’re doubling down on real-time event analysis. Be it the high-stakes discussions between industry titans like UPS and IBT or the Detroit Big 3’s EV dilemma with the UAW, our expert commentary has got you covered. For those intrigued by the intersection of AI and the workplace, our ‘AI Coach’s Corner‘ is set to be your ultimate resource. And our ‘Leadership Bits and Bytes‘ segment will spotlight transformative leadership narratives.

We Want to Hear from You! Your insights and feedback are invaluable to us. We invite you to share your thoughts, and if there are specific topics or areas you’d like us to delve into, please let us know. Your suggestions will help shape our future content, ensuring we continue to meet your needs and interests.

In essence, our commitment to delivering unmatched insights remains steadfast. As we chart this new course, we invite you to join our journey, engaging, learning, and evolving with us.

Michael VanDervort

LRI Content Curator and Enthusiast


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