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The Push-Pull Of AI In The Healthcare Workplace: Addressing Nursing Concerns Before Unions Take Advantage

For many workers, including healthcare, the Artificial Intelligence rollout is a source of tension over how the technology could impact their employment.

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Labor Organizing In 2024: No Safe Harbors

We increasingly see that no industry or business sector remains immune to union activity in 2024 and beyond.

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Union’s First Contract? More Faltering Steps And A Full-On Stumble For Organized ‘Castles’

That brings us to fresh news of a crumbled union at Medieval Times, eighteen months after workers in California voted to form the dinner theater company’s first union of knights, queens, and other costumed performers.

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A Drier St. Patrick’s Day Ahead? An Update On Multiple Beer Strikes In The Forecast

We already warmed up the discussion for this brewing kerfuffle, which could toss a wrench in St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Earlier this month, the union doubled strike benefits for brewery workers to $1000 per week, and here is how the union is using that boost

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