Could Union Activity Alerts Save Your Bacon?

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Trending, Union Research

How quickly will you know when one of your locations, or a similar business near you, is under attack by a union?  Does that thought make you nervous?

Red Flag

In organizations with locations scattered over a region, or perhaps across the country, it can be difficult for critical information to simmer up the chain of command to everyone who should be in the know.

We’ve created an alert service that notifies you of this activity in almost real-time.  You can select your own company as the trigger, and if any petition or unfair labor practice is filed against one of your locations, you’ll receive an email with the details.  Or, if there are a few competitors or other businesses that are often located near your locations, you could add their company names as triggers too.

The rules are changing to make it easier and faster for unions to blindside your company. Knowing these alerts are always on can help you rest a little easier.

For details, contact Erin at, or call us at 800-888-9115.

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