The Left Of Boom Show: Laugh, Learn, Play: Transforming Leadership with Erin Diehl

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Approachable Leadership, Culture, Extraordinary Workplaces, Labor Relations Ink, Labor Relations Insight, Leadership, Left of Boom Show, Podcast, Positive Workplace

In this invigorating episode of The Left of Boom Show, prepare to be entertained and educated as we explore the unconventional intersection of improv comedy and leadership. Hosts Phil Wilson and Michael VanDervort are thrilled to welcome Erin Diehl, a dynamo of creativity and innovation in the professional development world. Erin, known for her infectious energy and unique approach to education and growth, brings a fresh perspective on how humor and playfulness can revolutionize workplace dynamics.

Erin Diehl, a self-proclaimed Business Improv Edutainer, Failfluencer, and Professional Zoombie, has an exceptional talent for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Through her company, improve it! Erin has challenged the status quo of professional development by incorporating elements of improv comedy to foster environments where laughter and learning coexist harmoniously. With a track record of getting over 30,000 professionals to partake in a chicken dance, her methods are anything but conventional.

In today’s discussion, we dive deep into the power of improv to combat burnout, enhance self-love, and promote selfless leadership. Erin shares her journey of creating Improve It!, her philosophy behind blending comedy with education, and how embracing failure can lead to substantial personal and professional growth.

Additionally, get ready for some of Erin’s top comedy recommendations, which promise to entertain and offer valuable lessons in life and leadership, and learn a bit about her best-selling book, I See You!

Whether you’re a leader looking to inject some fun into your team dynamics, an HR professional seeking innovative professional development ideas, or simply needing a good laugh paired with insightful takeaways, this episode is for you. Join us on The Left of Boom Show for a memorable ride filled with laughs, learning, and the liberating power of saying “Yes, and” to life’s opportunities and challenges.

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