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A Drier St. Patrick’s Day Ahead? An Update On Multiple Beer Strikes In The Forecast

We already warmed up the discussion for this brewing kerfuffle, which could toss a wrench in St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Earlier this month, the union doubled strike benefits for brewery workers to $1000 per week, and here is how the union is using that boost

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Unions Can’t Protect Workers From Layoffs, Although They Sure Will Deflect The Blame

Since we already mentioned UPS, this week brings news of the parcel delivery company announcing that 12,000 workers will be axed as the company hopes to cut costs by $1 billion.

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Beer Boycotts And More: The Teamsters Diversify Their 2024 Strike Portfolio

Remember when the Teamsters took aim at ice cream supply lines a few years ago? They were hinting about coming for the beer back in 2022, too. Now, it’s early 2024, and the union has made it their mission to circle back to an American guilty pleasure by threatening to turn off those taps.

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