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Labor Organizing In 2024: No Safe Harbors

We increasingly see that no industry or business sector remains immune to union activity in 2024 and beyond.

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Trendspotting: Several Heaping Helpings Of NLRB Heavy Handedness

The NLRB seems bound and determined to side against retail and food service chains – if there is even an inkling of union involvement – regarding operational decisions.

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Union’s First Contracts: More Twists Than A Season Of ‘Stranger Things’

So, here’s the tea: securing a first-time CBA is tougher than finding a polite comment on Twitter. And thanks to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), employers aren’t legally bound to agree to a contract. It’s like being in a ‘Hunger Games’ scenario – may the odds ever be in your favor, but don’t bet your bottom dollar on it.

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Trendspotting: When Unions Drag Company Logos Into The Muck

Make no mistake, unions do not mind and probably actually enjoy hitting employers in the pocketbook, but when it comes to intellectual property, some companies are feeling the pain more than others. Such is the case for Trader Joe’s, Medieval Times, and especially Starbucks. 

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