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The UAW Big Three Strike’s Domino Effects On Non-Union Workers Amid A EV Concession

Thousands of other workers have also been furloughed at Big Three plants and suppliers, and this surely includes non-union workers who do not appreciate losing money over Fain’s agenda. Ford just laid off another 500 workers, so both companies and union members are suffering. 

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AI And The End Of The WGA Strike: Is The New Contract Really A Victory For Workers? (Part 2)

In the WGA’s full MOA, Article 72 (on Generative Artificial Intelligence) is a windier version of what we quoted in Part I. The full version solidifies how AI can be used by studios and writers with limitations upon scope.

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POTUS on the Picket Line

For the first time in history, a sitting U.S. President met with workers on an active picket line.

President Joe Biden visited a GM parts and distribution center in Michigan, where he met with UAW members who were on strike, expressing support for organized labor.

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