Biden’s Inexperienced FAA Chief Nominee Comes Under Fire

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Federal, IBT, Industry, Labor Relations Ink, News, Politics, SEIU, Transportation, Unions

One would think that a nominee for Federal Aviation Agency Chief would necessarily hold at least some experience in working within an industry that suffers from ongoing woes. President Biden must feel differently.

Biden’s official nominee, Phil Washington, previously received the wholehearted support of the SEIU, which described him as a “bold” choice. That’s an interesting descriptor for a candidate who has been challenged for holding a background largely within municipal transit (bus and rail) and without specific aviation experience to offer.

Over a dozen GOP lawmakers who hold pilot licenses have asked Biden to withdraw Phil Washington as a nominee in favor of someone with concrete aviation experience.

The SEIU also recently pushed for the Good Jobs For Airports Act, which involves a $15 minimum wage for all airport support personnel. This move arrives weeks after the Biden administration announced an additional $1 billion in funding to improve airport infrastructure in the face of increased travel demands.

Meanwhile, Sun Country Airlines flight attendants, who earlier this year voted to be represented by the Teamsters, now claim that they have been fired in retaliation for organizing. The Teamsters sued over these firings, yet the airline denies these workers’ allegations.

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