The Jig Might Be Up for Concrete-Scheming Teamsters

by | Apr 28, 2022 | IBT, Strikes, Transportation

The Seattle area concrete-mixer strikes (wrought by a Teamster local, starting five months ago) will finally come to an end with a huge construction backlog waiting in the wings. The return, so far, is slow-going with hundreds of drivers slowly making their way back to work after the flow of concrete began nonetheless, with some replacement and “ghost” drivers stepping up and some union members crossing the picket lines.

As of now, (still) no deal exists between the Teamsters and those affected companies, although striking workers (and those laid off as a result of the strikes) expressed relief at going back to work. Residents will surely express the same emotion to see transit and stormwater-related projects fire back up while negotiations carry on.

It’s no wonder that construction firms voiced opposition toward Biden’s pro-union agenda at the North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) legislative conference. At that event, Biden promoted “project labor agreements” that would essentially order construction contractors and subcontractors to enter into these agreements “with one or more appropriate labor organizations” if they wish to participate within contracts that receive federal funding for infrastructure work.


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