A Concrete Mess and Biden’s EV Drama

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Manufacturing, UAW

If you thought that construction delays in your city are bad, consider what’s going on in the Seattle area where concrete-mixing driver strikes have continued for months. A few weeks ago, county officials unleashed a multimillion-dollar bid to push unions and companies together through a competition to exclusively pave the entire county. One of the key components of this deal, though, is that any company who wants to be in the running must successfully bargain for a union contract. It’s a development that arrives after a three-month strike that prompted thousands of layoffs in the process.

Elsewhere, UAW expressed displeasure over a fleet of USPS vehicles being produced in South Carolina, rather than Wisconsin as expected by union leaders and members. That battle will continue, although it must be noted that union leadership holds the Biden administration at least partially responsible for pushing to “Build Back Better” yet not warding off what’s turning into a public relations nightmare for Democrats.

Meanwhile, Biden’s cold shoulder toward Tesla continues. That’s no surprise after Biden snubbed the union-free automaker for the EV summit last year, but CEO Elon Musk called out Biden for even refusing to even say “Tesla.” Recently, Biden conspicuously met with both GM and Ford to deliver praise for their EV development while Tesla still remains the leader in EV car sales, although Ford’s investing to win that title by 2025.


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