A Potentially Historic UAW Election In The Works

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Auto Manufacturing, Corruption, Manufacturing, Union Organizing

The notoriously corrupt UAW can’t shake its legacy of corruption (or that federal watchdog), and that’s why the union’s first direct election could bring a significant shakeup. We previously told you about Ray Curry’s rival, Will Lehman, a rank-and-file, tiered Mack Truck worker whose popularity makes him a viable presidential candidate. Voting began on October 17 with tabulations set for late November.

The stakes remain high for this election while the union attempts to regrow its membership by aiming to unionize burgeoning EV plants, even as challenges to the overall process (including the daunting process of workers learning to build EVs) continue. Amid all of those moving wheels, Lehman is delivering speeches about the ills of union bureaucracy and the scandals that continue to plague his union.

Workers received the socialist candidate with open arms while he distributed campaign information at his Pennsylvania home plant. Further, Lehman is speaking to many of their concerns while calling upon automakers to deliver 50% wage boosts and full strike pay. Although these don’t appear to be realistic demands by any stretch, UAW members are clearly looking for change, and Lehman offers that promise.

In the meantime, the UAW could be maneuvering against Hyundai while asking the Biden administration to withhold loans and subsidies from the automaker due to concerns about job losses. Potential layoffs could arrive due to Hyundai moving to cut ties with their suppliers (including a stamping plant) that commit child-labor violations.

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