A Quick Healthcare Follow-Up Visit

by | Jun 23, 2022 | CNA NNOC, Healthcare, Strikes, Union Organizing

We recently rounded up the fever from unions to organize as much of the healthcare industry as possible. That includes nurses, support staff, and even doctors, all of whom feel the strain while the pandemic is not yet over, but their workplace chaos continues.

A few relevant industry updates require a mini checkup:

Although last year’s so-called “Striketober” attracted a lot of media attention, strikes remain relatively rare. Yet in healthcare (and specifically at Kaiser Permanente), the picket line is increasingly commonplace. This month, 1,200+ Kaiser nurses (represented by the California Nurses Association) in Los Angeles went on strike to protest their short-staffed environments, violence in the workplace, and ongoing supply shortages.

In related news, workers for abortion care providers began eyeing union representation while awaiting the Supreme Court’s updated ruling on Roe v. Wade. Planned Parenthood North Central States United hopes to organize 400 workers (who cite burnout, low pay, and a concern for their continued employment following the high court’s opinion) spread across several states.

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