When Union Corruption Life Imitates Art

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Auto Manufacturing, Corruption, IBT, SEIU, UAW

The same song and dance of corruption inevitably infects the union life. That’s not exactly news, but in Chicago, the subject felt as extreme as a movie when a Teamsters boss accepted $325,000 in cash payments from a local film studio from 2014 to 2017. John Coli, who helmed a local with over 10,000 members, also bragged, “I wouldn’t talk” even if someone threatened to “cut my fingers off.” Of course, Coli later cut a deal with the Feds, who then secured Coli’s guilty plea while he helped them nab a state senator who defrauded Teamsters members of over $240,000. That’s not all, though. Coli threatened to pepper the film studio with strikes if he didn’t get paid.

Also in Chicago, one group of firefighters aims to shut down corruption within the SEIU, which had attempted to turn union and non-union workers against each other. As a result, their SEIU local’s bosses received pink slips while speculation swirled about the union maneuvering to shut down a decertification effort. However, 80% of those firefighters made their opposition known while voting to boot the SEIU.

In Detroit, the UAW’s corruption troubles refuse to stop after yet another union official got busted for embezzling over $2 million in Stellantis-employed member dues. He reportedly spent that cash on guns, gambling, and child support, which puts a whole new spin on the meaning of Detroit’s “Big Three,” for sure.


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