News reports say that employees at the Mercedes plant in Alabama have voted to reject unionization with the United Auto Workers.

Here is the NLRB press release summarizing the outcome of the election:

Today, the NLRB’s Region 10-Atlanta office conducted a ballot count for Mercedes-Benz workers in Vance and Woodstock, Alabama to decide whether to be represented by the United Auto Workers. The workers voted 2,045 to 2,642 against union representation. There were 51 challenged ballots that won’t be counted, because they aren’t determinative to the outcome of the election. There were 5 void ballots. The total number of eligible voters was 5,075.

Parties have five business days to file objections to the election (alleging that there was interference in the election). If no objections are filed, the election result will be certified, and the union will have to wait one year to file for a union election for a similar bargaining unit. If objections are filed, the Regional Director will review the objections and decide if there should be a hearing about the objections. If any objections are sustained after a hearing, this election will be rerun.

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