Worker Safety Issues and Potential Southwest Airlines Layoff

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Industry, Legal, OSHA

Worker safety remains at the top of the list of CoVid-impacted labor issues. SHRM released a great article last week on current OSHA guidelines, as well as other things for employers to consider as we continue to navigate living and working during a pandemic. Check that out here.

Due to safety considerations, some states offered grant programs for essential employees who worked during lockdown periods earlier this year. However, in order for workers to receive the hazard pay, their employers must first apply to the program. In Vermont, many employers have not done so, putting them at odds with their employees.

Worker safety and healthcare coverage are also key issues in many of the strikes we’re seeing across the country. Toledo Coca-Cola workers are a recent example of this.

And then of course, we have the issue of generally keeping business running and workers working. Southwest Airlines issued notices for what could be the company’s first round of involuntary furloughs in the company’s 49-year history.

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