The Union Corruption Fiascos Pile Up

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Corruption, SEIU, UAW

Remember how we told you that these corruption union hits keep on coming? Play it again, watchdogs:

  • A former UAW secretary-treasurer didn’t learn from observing his colleagues (at many locals) heading to prison on fraud charges including embezzlement and money laundering. Timothy Edmunds (of Detroit) pocketed over $2 million in union dues, which he gambled away and lavishly spent on cars and guns. In doing so, he became the 17th defendant in the Fed’s ongoing criminal probe into the union’s misdeeds.
  • UAW President Ray Curry landed in an embarrassing, months-long investigation (launched as part of the federal corruption probe) over four college football tickets (totaling $1900), which he apparently acquired during the course of advertising, pre-presidential tenure. Curry was cleared, but nonetheless, the UAW put new rules (paywall) into place in an effort to avoid this type of fiasco.
  • Canadian auto worker union Unifor will investigate its former president, Jerry Dias (who’s credited with saving a Detroit GM plant), under accusations that he violated the union’s constitution during deal making and a negative PR campaign.
  • A disgraced SEIU California local president (Richard Louis Brown), who’s suspended and accused of stealing confidential documents, is still under the microscope. The warring sides made available an uncut video interview with Brown, along with the union’s request for a restraining order against him.

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