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The Left Of Boom Show: Navigating The Cannabis Industry’s Unique Concerns

On this episode of The Left Of Boom Show, we invited some in-house guests – LRI chief-of-staff Danine Clay and labor consultant Amber Glesener – to candidly discuss their experiences with workers in the cannabis industry.

They will address labor-specific wrinkles within an industry that faces many challenging issues:

Federally, this industry is not legal but must follow federal labor law.

Rapidly changing laws across state lines adds further complications. This includes states that require or encourage companies to adopt a neutral stance through so-called Labor Peace Agreements during organizing campaigns:

  • Cannabis workers fall into both the retail and agricultural sectors, which present different potential workplace concerns.
  • Taxation in this industry has reached a nearly prohibitive level, leaving little financial wiggle room. Therefore, losing a union election could tip the balance from profitable to unsustainable.
  • Cannabis is not only an attractive union target but a testing ground for the – Cemex framework that makes it easier for workers to unionize.

The Left of Boom Show – Employer Free Speech Restrictions

In this special joint episode of Labor Relations Radio and The Left of Boom Show, Phil Wilson and Peter List tackle a big topic: a recent ruling that could change the way employers talk during union-organizing campaigns.

An administrative law judge (ALJ) decided that Amazon CEO Andy Jassey’s comments in 2022 interviews broke the National Labor Relations Act. This might sound like just another legal decision, but it could have huge effects on how all employers communicate with their employees during union drives.

Phil and Peter explain what Jassey said, why it was ruled a violation, and what this means for other employers. They also discuss how this decision could change the game for employer speech, making things a bit trickier when unions are involved.


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