The Next Leg Of The Starbucks Fight

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Bargaining/Negotiations, Courts, Federal, NLRB, Strikes, Union Organizing

The Starbucks saga slowed from a boil to a simmer, but further news shows no sign of ending. At this point, the 250+ unionized cafes will now find out how difficult it is to nail down union contracts. The slow-going process undoubtedly frustrates workers, who may not have realized that voting in a union is only the beginning of the fight.

  • One fired organizer in Augusta, Georgia recently reflected upon how he observed negotiations grinding to a halt, which disappointed him despite his happiness to see the reinstatement of the so-called “Memphis Seven” of fired workers.
  • The coffeehouse giant has been accused of dragging its feet in negotiations with Starbucks Workers United. A Seattle location with 100+ workers asked the NLRB to determine that Starbucks is acting in bad faith. Following that declaration, the company now plans to appeal in federal court.
  • In New York City, Starbucks workers entered their third week of striking at a 9th Avenue location while alleging unsanitary conditions at the coffeehouse. Workers at another NYC Starbucks, the Grand Avenue location, filed for a union election.
  • In addition, the SEIU president made a public declaration against what the union alleges is Starbucks’ lack of intent to negotiate with Workers United.

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