Retailers On The Defensive Against Unions And The NLRB

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Bargaining/Negotiations, NLRB, Retail, Tech - Media, UFCW, Union Organizing, Unions

  • Apple: The tech giant continues to absorb a slow trickle organizing activity within its ranks. Only 2 out of 270 Apple retail stores have successfully organized thus far. Yet the tech giant did agree, at the behest of investors, to conduct an audit of its own labor practices in light of workers’ collective bargaining rights. As well, bargaining officially began at the company’s first unionized store in Maryland.
  • New Seasons: The NLRB charged the Portland-headquartered grocery store chain on multiple alleged unfair labor practices during an election, in which a majority of workers voted against joining the UFCW. An April hearing has been set by the Board, and a do-over election could follow.
  • Trader Joe’s: Part-time employees are denouncing what they call an anti-union policy that requires minimum three-day workweeks. The workers made this claim amid ongoing organizing efforts, in which 2 out of 500 locations have unionized.
  • Amazon: The NLRB upheld the vote that resulted in the company’s first unionized location at the JFK8 warehouse. Further Amazon Labor Union efforts have failed after workers at another Staten Island location voted not to unionize, as did Amazon workers at an Albany warehouse.
  • Chicago Field Museum: 300 workers will vote on whether to join the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.
  • Lake Michigan Credit Union: 13 full-and-part-time tellers and customer service representatives voted to join the CWA.

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