Teamsters Playing Hardball With Strikes

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Bargaining/Negotiations, IBT, Strikes

Last year, incoming Teamsters International President Sean O’Brien made no secret of his self-described “militant” outlook, which includes his willingness to launch sizable strikes. O’Brien wasn’t joking about following through with his aggressive stance:

  • Aramark Uniform Services workers could go on strike in several states, including Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. In Iowa, the Teamsters Local 238 chair accused the company of not bargaining in good faith.
  • O’Brien has been vocal about his intent to send 360,000 UPS drivers and warehouse workers to the picket lines if the Teamsters and company don’t agree on a new contract by July 2023. Workers have voiced their displeasure against how the union handled their existing 2019 contract, which only passed on a technicality due to low turnout, so O’Brien can’t count on an easy win in 2023. Still, he insists that the union is prepared to strike in August.
  • The Teamsters allege that Energizer is preparing to close two Wisconsin plants over the next two years, a move that could export hundreds of jobs.

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