Those Strike-Happy Teamsters Do It Again

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Bargaining/Negotiations, IBT, Strikes

Teamsters boss Sean “Militant” O’Brien is staying true to his self-professed label while threatening all manner of strikes in an effort to bring major companies to their knees:

  • 3,500 Coca-Cola workers went on strike at a Philadelphia-area distribution plant. The Teamsters made clear that they want big raises and rejected the beverage giant’s most recent contract offer.
  • 1000 Sysco drivers ended their 13-day coordinated strike in Kentucky, Indiana, and California after disrupting the flow of school lunchrooms and restaurants. They emerged with hourly raises and lower health insurance premiums. O’Brien vowed that he would not hesitate to “strike this company again.”
  • Yellow Corp. met Teamsters opposition regarding restructuring proposals for the logistics solutions and transportation company. The union has further accused the company of “bad faith” negotiations.
  • UPS will soon enter contract negotiations for 340,000 Teamsters members with the current agreement set to expire on July 31. Ahead of bargaining table time, the union launched a Boston-based rally while declaring, “We have over $300 million in our strike fund, and we will spend every penny of it to make sure that UPS employees get what they want in this contract.” The Teamsters haven’t waged a UPS strike since 1997, but O’Brien seems determined to do so. He also put his foot down on disallowing national talks until regional contracts conclude.

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