The UAW Can’t (Won’t?) Kick Their Corruptive Habits

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Corruption, UAW

We recently told you that the UAW’s federal watchdog revealed frustration at how the union began to evade supervision, proving that the deep-pocketed organization’s well-publicized scandals are not a thing of the past. This week, that reality could translate into an awkward UAW Constitutional Convention, where the union is refusing press access, perhaps knowing that there’s no use in promoting a bad look.

The federal watchdog’s Justice Department-appointed monitor, Neil Barofsky, released a damning report that revealed how current UAW President Ray Curry is failing to root the corruption that’s firmly entrenched in the union’s culture. Barofsky reports that the UAW had “veered sharply in the wrong direction” rather than cooperate with monitoring, and union officials are dragging their feet for “production of other investigative materials” that point toward the “mishandling” of monies by a top UAW official.

Barofsky (who will remain in his post as monitor until early 2027) continues to monitor 19 ongoing investigations into alleged misdeeds within the UAW, including five new ones, which allege that bureaucrats still mismanage astounding sums. Allegations of the union’s failure to cooperate will certainly weigh heavily upon the convention, which arrives after a referendum for members to directly vote for their leaders, and many challengers want to unseat Curry as president.


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