The UAW’s (Attempting To) Finally Leave Their Corruption Scandal Behind

by | May 26, 2022 | Corruption, UAW

We recently told you about the United Auto Workers’ fresh trio of federal lawsuits involving accepting bribes from Fiat Chrysler, while the union allegedly worked against the workers who they claimed to represent. These lawsuits significantly hampered the union’s attempt to repair its reputation after a long-running corruption scandal.

As an update, the union is hoping to finally place a decade of well-publicized corruption firmly in the past after referendum results require that the union will now directly elect officers. The court-appointed UAW watchdog, Neil Barofsky, published detailed rules on how these votes will happen. The rules address the process from nominations to rankings and runoffs to vetting processes to bank account and campaign finance guidelines. Barofsky aims to leave no stone unturned to prevent future corruption within this troubled union.

Meanwhile – months after the Freedom Foundation published an investigative report on those unions that illegally accepted Paycheck Protection Program funds – U.S. lawmakers penned a letter to demand explanations of why 226 unions (including the Teamsters) accepted taxpayer dollars a year before they were eligible to do so.


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