Manufacturing Sees Conflict Aplenty

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Auto Manufacturing, IBT, Manufacturing, Strikes, UAW, USW

Union conflict remains plentiful in this industry, particularly where the United Steelworkers Union nearly lost their representation (they were only a few votes away from losing) of Exxon Mobil Refinery’s Beaumont Texas workers, 229 (out of 495) of whom voted in favor of decertifying them after an extended lockout.

The Seattle area’s concrete crisis continues with 330 striking Teamsters still off the job (since November) and companies deciding to forge ahead with members of other labor unions to get the necessary materials moving on construction projects. According to one business owner, at least 100 of his workers received layoff notices due to the strike; and the Teamsters continue to attempt organizing (and potentially disrupting) elsewhere, including port truckers who remain valuable assets within supply chains.

The automotive industry’s ever-shifting focus (to EVs) sees a new transition, as UAW VP Cindy Estrada (who leads the Stellantis Department) will soon retire. Her departure comes ahead of the Detroit Three’s labor negotiations that could bring big change (and possibly lost jobs) for employees and the unions who covet their dues.

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