The Union Corruption Theme Quietly Continues in The Background

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Corruption, SEIU

All the pro-union bias from Biden’s NLRB in the world (and attempted UAW cleanups of their long-running scandal) can’t erase the reality of union corruption with some real doozies hitting the news this month:

  • The ex-treasurer of the Detroit Fire Fighters Union received federal prison time for embezzling over $220,000 in union dues. Verdine Day, who joined the union in 1986 and worked up to treasurer in 2015, will land behind bars for up to a year and must make full restitution to the union after splashing out on cruises, fancy hotel rooms, and boozy bar jaunts at casinos.
  • An SEIU local in Michigan allegedly committed sizable and grave financial wrongdoings (including theft of dues) against its members at Sinai-Grace Hospital, where workers hope to oust the union with a decertification petition.
  • An International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers local (in Missouri) is under fire for allegedly intimidating potential whistleblowers into silence for reporting upon officers who amassed over six figures in an account that funded a bizarre stockpile of cell phones on the members’ dime.

That last story feels like an odd hill to climb in order to end one’s career, although potential prison time might be an equally worse fate. Presumably, federal crackdowns on these corruption scandals would curb the behavior, but the stories keep coming.


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