Employer Private Property Rights at Risk?

by | Jun 23, 2022 | NLRB, States

The NLRB modified the rules for the timing of electronic notice posting, mostly to account for the impact of Covid-19 on workers presence in the workplace. Electronic posting must now be made within 14 days of service by the Region, while physical posting requirements remain unchanged.

A May advice memo reveals that Board General Counsel Abruzzo wishes to diminish employer private property rights by seeking to overturn 2019 court rulings in UPMC and Kroger. If she succeeds, it will become harder to limit non-employee union organizer access to employees.

A Trump-era requirement that NLRB regional offices reduce the length of time required to handle a case was tossed out by GC Abruzzo, who categorized the action as aiming for “quality” over speed.

The board also negated another Trump-era restriction on the use of “blocking charges” to stifle union decertifying drives.

In California, a bill designed to create more regulatory oversight of certain segments of the fast food industry is being discussed. Touted by unions as a way to provide more protections for fast food employees from “wage theft,” business interests claim it would force the loss of jobs in the industry, and some of the lawmakers considering the bill even question its constitutionality.


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