Corruption-Filled Conflicts Of Union Interest

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Corruption, Courts, Politics, SEIU, UAW, Unions

Seldom do we see a month where assorted union hypocrisy doesn’t surface, so let’s get down to business:

A personal conflict went public for one union leader: California Labor Federation officer Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher allegedly threatened the woman who accused her husband of sexual assault. In turn, Nathan Fletcher stepped down from his San Diego County supervisor position, but analysts believe that the scandal could further taint a controversial bill – engineered by both Gonzalez Fletcher and Biden Labor Secretary nominee Julie Su – which reclassified many gig workers as employees in California.

The SEIU received criticism for climbing in the pocket of Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey with a series of large contributions adding up to over $350,000, which outweighs his total contributions from other sources. Naturally, concern revolves around the union coming back around for payback in the form of policy favors.

No relief from the Supreme Court: The highest court in the land won’t reconsider the racketeering case brought by GM against Stellantis (previously Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). The case involved the unsuccessful merger attempt to combine FCA and GM by corrupting the UAW bargaining process to GM’s disadvantage. Although the merger wasn’t successful, GM still fielded $1 billion in added labor costs, and this month, SCOTUS declined to revive the case with GM vowing to try again in state court.

Unclean hands: The Center for Union Facts nonprofit group launched an “educational campaign” that began with a New York Times ad referring to the Starbucks unions. The nonprofit called out the outwardly progressive stance of Workers United, which receives funding from the SEIU. The group in turn accuses the SEIU, a 40% stakeholder, of hypocritical ties with Amalgamated Bank – alleged backer of private prisons, tobacco companies, and “fossil fuel-based companies”.”

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