Verizon Strike Union Goon Video Collection

by | Aug 14, 2011 | Uncategorized, YouTube

CWA STRIKER USES DAUGHTER TO BLOCK TRUCK WHILE HURLING OBSCENITIES [jwplayer config=”Post Player” file=”” image=””]   The viral video above is just one example of entitled thuggish Verizon strikers behaving badly.  There are more videos, nearly as outrageous, after the fold. Verizon is looking to tie pay increases to performance review and require union workers to contribute to health-plan premiums. Currently strikers pay nothing towards their health care on an average wage of $75K per year. The company is also seeking to freeze pensions at the end of the year, eliminate the sickness and death benefit program, cut in half the sickness disability benefits from 52 weeks to 26 weeks and reduce sick time, according to a memo signed by William Huber, president of IBEW, Local 827.  The strikers are all from Verizon’s shrinking and struggling landline division.   SPEAKERS AT VERIZON STRIKE RALLY INFLAME CROWD INTO ANGRY MOB [jwplayer config=”Post Player” file=”″ image=””] REPORTER SHOWS WHAT ITS LIKE TO CROSS ONE PICKET LINE [jwplayer config=”Post Player” file=”” image=””] SMALL BUSINESSES HURT MOST BY VERIZON STRIKE [jwplayer config=”Post Player” file=”” image=””] “IT’S OBVIOUS IT WAS MALICIOUS DAMAGE” [jwplayer config=”Post Player” file=”” image=””] IBEW STRIKERS PROTEST AT HOME OF VERIZON CEO [jwplayer config=”Post Player” file=”″ image=””] THEIR MOTHERS MUST BE SO PROUD [jwplayer config=”Post Player” file=”” image=””] “WE WANT THE PUBLIC ON OUR SIDE” [jwplayer config=”Post Player” file=”” image=””]


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