Union-Instigated Voter Shenanigans

by | Nov 4, 2010 | Labor Relations Ink

With Big Labor pinning their survival on political prowess rather than winning hearts in the marketplace, it is inevitable that a little “rule-bending” is sure to occur in most major elections, and this week’s midterms are no exception. First on the list, this tale of union-member mental health workers taking their mentally disabled charges to the voting booth – and voting for them. Watch the video testimony here. We already reported on “faulty” election machines in Nevada, serviced by SEIU-members, that had the Democratic candidate pre-selected on the ballot. Watch the video here of this discovery, with the tale of a similar “peculiarity” occurring in North Carolina. In Arizona, it was reported that Mi Familia Vota, Border Action, and Faith.Hope.Vote! who have direct ties to SEIU, attempted to influence the elections in Yuma County through fraudulent means. Although some attempted to refute the claims , in an interesting twist, the DOJ sent an army of “monitors” to Arizona a day after Mi Familia Vota appealed to the feds. The monitors will intimidate poll watchers from scrutinizing the legality of the voters too closely, making it easier for fraudulent activity to continue. Lastly, there is the issue of foreign money being used by unions to fund political campaigns here in the U.S. Marc Thiessen, columnist for The Washington Post, sketches out the details:

The SEIU claims 100,000 members in Canada. According to SEIU’s 2008 constitution, dues include $7.65 per month per member that must be sent to the SEIU International in the United States. This means that the SEIU takes in nearly $9.2 million per year from foreign nationals — almost 100 times the amount the Chamber receives from its affiliates abroad. Is any foreign money being used to fund the SEIU’s anti-Republican campaign efforts? According to the Wall Street Journal, “The Service Employees International Union, one of the nation’s fastest-growing labor unions, acknowledges that it can’t be certain that foreign nationals haven’t contributed to its $44 million political budget to support pro-labor Democrats.” The SEIU is not the only union that takes in money from foreign members. According to the Canadian Department of Human Resources and Skills Development, the United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers has 280,000 Canadian members; the United Food and Commercial Workers has more than 245,000; the Teamsters has more than 108,000; the Laborers’ International Union of North America has more than 68,000; and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has more than 57,000. How much do these foreign union members send to the United States? If the constitutions of their unions are anything like SEIU’s, it could be tens of millions of dollars. Is any of that money being used to help elect Democrats this November?

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