AFL-CIO Convention Includes Historic Elections And Goals For Increased Organizing

by | Jun 23, 2022 | AFL-CIO, Politics, Union Organizing

At the recent AFL-CIO convention in Philadelphia, Liz Shuler was elected the first female President of the organization, formally securing the position she has held since the death of Richard Trumka last August. Also, Fred Redmond was elected Secretary-Treasurer, the organization’s highest-ranking office ever held by a person of color.

President Biden spoke at the convention, praising both Shuler and labor unions.

At the convention, Shuler pledged to expand union organizing, and announced a goal to add 1 million new members to union ranks over the next 10 years.  She pointed to Starbucks, Apple, and non-traditional sectors organizing as examples of workers “gaining power” and “demanding respect.”  Workers in every sector desire respect and control in their work lives, but does the reality of union membership meet that goal?

There’s no question that the upcoming midterm elections are important for labor unions, and Shuler said they will be active in the elections, supporting pro-union policies and candidates.

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